Milad Surgery Center

Introducing the Milad Center of Isfahan Surgery at a Glance

The Milad Surgery Center is committed to gaining a superior position by utilizing experienced and experienced staff

Experienced medical staff

Milad Surgery Center is ready to provide medical services with the best and most famous surgical team in Isfahan province.

Types of surgeries at this center

It includes plastic surgeries, surgery and children’s urology, endocrinology and breast cancer surgery, general surgery and outpatient surgery.


Hospital sections

The Milad Surgery Center is equipped with a hospital ward with amenities such as a TV, a dedicated refrigerator, a telephone, and an Internet connection.


Best Anesthetic Options

The Milad Surgery Center is loved by the best anesthetic equipment and anesthetized and well-experienced anesthetists.


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Strategy and mission of the Milad Center of Surgery in Isfahan

Our goal is to rely on our divine glory and our valued capital, highly skilled human resources, equipment

the manager

Greetings to you and to the health of God’s gift every day. Undoubtedly, health is the common desire of all human beings

A statement from the authorities

With the greetings and wisdom of the ministry, you will choose the service of your dear compatriots and those who will be used to treat

Doctors at the clinic with Milad Surgery Center

Dr. Fazlollah Alaei

General and Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr. Mehdi Akhavan

General and Laparoscopic Surgery Vascular Surgery and Trauma

Dr Alireza Momeni

Ear, nose and throat specialistSurgeon of the skull base tumors

Contact us

Isfahan Province, Isfahan, Chahar Bagh Paeen Street